The 4th Hong Kong Corporate Citizenship Awards


The 4th Hong Kong Outstanding Corporate Citizenship Award Giormani always regards that creativity is the driving force to motivate the sustainable development of society. We organized various kinds of creative activities such as the ‘Cushion Workshops’ & ‘DIY Workshops’ which were co-organized with YMCA to promote parent-child co-creating moments. In addition, partnering with social enterprises ‘NEIGHBOR Plus Workshop’, we introduced some innovative fabric household products in order to support the hand-craftsmanship and women's employment.

These efforts have been recognized by the judges of the 4th Hong Kong Corporate Citizenship Scheme and was rewarded the ‘4th Hong Kong Outstanding Corporate Citizenship Award – SME Award Bronze’. Co-organized by the Hong Kong Productivity Council and the Committee on the Promotion of Civic Education, the Scheme was designed to promote the awareness of corporate citizenship, encourage enterprises to perform their social responsibilities, integrate the corporate citizenship concept into their operation and management system, and extend to employees and their families, customers, as well as the public, in order to promote the economic, social and environmental sustainable development.