Lucy Shih

Collaborating with a renowned local fashion designer Lucy Shih, Giormani presents the Hug Sofa which uses “Love” as its main motif. The pink heart-shaped cushion represents love; while the armrests are designed as an arm-like pillow, offering comfort and warmth to users. When the weather is cold, you can even tuck your hands inside the pockets of the pillow to feel more comfortable. And the design even allows you to do sit-ups on the sofa!
Besides, the fabrics are recycled in the series and organic cotton is used as fillers. Some of the sponges used are made of soya bean which makes it more environmental friendly. Its cover is also designed to be easily changed and cleaned.   

As more and more people are aware of the environment protection, Giormani worked together with renowned fashion designer Lucy Shih to infuse eco concept into its products in term of materials and applications. Apart from the recent introduction of a new set of uniforms for Giormani's frontline staff, Lucy has designed the Hug Sofa made of recycled fabric and organic cotton for the brand.   

Collaborative Designer Profile: 

Lucy Shih studied design at Hong Kong Polytechnic University and she studied further at the Royal College of Art graduate degree in Fashion Design. She was awarded many prizes during her study in UK, including the famous Britain Sminroff Fashion Contest, and she became the representative of Britain to participate in the Europe Reebok Dream Team Jersey Contest. In the same year, her graduation work was awarded "Star of the Year" and was sent to Paris for exhibition.

After returning to Hong Kong, she participated in the ‘Hong Kong 1994 A&W Fashion Show" and gained great appreciation from the media around the world, and was voted as the winner of ‘The Best Fashion Series Award’. Lucy is famous for her designs of the evening dresses. In recent years, she studied the design of ‘multi style’ green clothing line which is one of the Create Hong Kong  - Design Incubation Programme development projects, managed by the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park, and it has been successfully gain the patent.