Leung Micmichi

Giormani has throughout the years been throwing itself energetically behind the promotion of local creativity and original design. In 2011, it launched the “iCushion” Care & Share Campaign to spread the message of love in the summer. Giormani joined hands with local illustrators HosannArt、Dreamergo and Leung Micmichi, filling the mini HomeGallery exhibition area at MegaBox flagship store with lovely iCushions and home accessories.

iCushion as a love of home declaration by Leung Micmichi

Leung Micmichi loved drawing different scenes of her daily life on tissue paper when she was small. Her favourite subjects were her family, her cat, and the boundless love she experienced. Her family was always filled with hope and positive energy, which carried them through hardships over the years. Through her collaboration with Giormani, she hopes to remind people of the importance of love and care among family members.

Collaborative Designer Profile:

Leung Micmichi graduated from the London College of Communication, University of the Arts London. In 2007, she started to work as an illustrator through a solo illustration column in Milk (An established trendsetter-magazine in Hong Kong) and contributed to another column with a psychologist in Cosmopolitan.