Giormani has throughout the years been throwing itself energetically behind the promotion of local creativity and original design. In 2011, it launched the “iCushion” Care & Share Campaign to spread the message of love in the summer. Giormani joined hands with local illustrators HosannArt、Dreamergo and Leung Micmichi, filling the mini HomeGallery exhibition area at MegaBox flagship store with lovely iCushions and home accessories.

iCushion as a love of home declaration by HosannArt

HosannArt’s iCushions depict the warm ambience of childhood homes, their in-search-of-dream journey, and the good wishes of the future. HosannArt’s principal illustrator Grace says family harmony is crucial to personal development. Her own interest in painting was also cultivated in a caring home where freedom to create prevailed: space was limited, but Grace was allowed the greatest freedom to paint on walls. For this reason, she depicts her childhood home on the iCushions to encourage others to treasure family.

Collaborative Designer Profile:

HosannArt is a unique illustration brand, loved for its distinctive style of drawings and memorable designs. They first began the illustrations in 2006. As a modest company comprising merely a few people, they were invited to create storybook illustrations for schools. Their mixed-media approach to drawings resulted in a creative and original collection of characters. Childlike and loveable, their cheerful messages of hope and optimism brought much joy to children and others. As popularity grew, we were able to expand into product designs, exploring the use of different print techniques and even embroidery to create a charming assortment of products and accessories for all.

HosannArt is about having hopes and aspirations, boundless dreams, and taking the courage to pursue them. We believe in childhood dreams and making them come true: Persevere and you will achieve all that you hope for. Dreams are for everyone, not just the ambitious, and for those who simply believe. Miracles do happen. ‘Happiness can overcome the obstacles in life and help you achieve your goals.’