Freeman Lau

Pony Chair
When we were children, we often swung chair like “riding a horse”. This activity inspires Freeman Lau (a Hong Kong famous designer) to design Pony Chair, which is so cute and can fit for different sitting postures of kids.

And Pony Chair has also awarded for HKDA Global Design Award 2016.  

Piggy Chair
Famous local designer Freeman Lau combined Chinese zodiac with chairs in creating his wooden artwork series of ‘Piggy’ in recent years. Now, he wants to further bring this art concept to every consumer. On the other hand, owing to its stringent craftsmanship and quality Italian leather, Giormani is the only sofa-smith who can cash Freeman’s dream. Giormani and Freeman eventually collaborate to bring art into homes and enhance home experience with this creative home piece.  The Piggy is 29” in length and 12kgs in weight, and each Piggy nose can fit into the tail of another, forming a link so close, just as how we are with our family members. Thinking of bringing Piggy home? Cutie Piggies in black, white, grey or brown with quality Italian leather and fine stitches are ready for the mix-and-match for your stylish home.    

Collaborative Designer Profile:

Freeman’s contribution to the society is not limited to his own designs. He devoted himself to many public services such as being the chairman of Hong Kong Design Association (HKDA) and co-founding “Design: Hong Kong” in the 1990s. The major research report by “Design: Hong Kong” has statistically proved the huge labor force of design sectors in Hong Kong and marked the potentials of Hong Kong Design industry. It is not too much to claim that design practitioners have gained greater respect from the government after the release of the report.