Giormani has throughout the years been throwing itself energetically behind the promotion of local creativity and original design. In 2011, it launched the “iCushion” Care & Share Campaign to spread the message of love in the summer. Giormani joined hands with local illustrators HosannArt、Dreamergo and Leung Micmichi, filling the mini HomeGallery exhibition area at MegaBox flagship store with lovely iCushions and home accessories.

iCushion as a love of home declaration by Dreamergo
The name Dreamergo is self-explanatory. He describes himself as a dreamer, who believes everything starts from a dream and completes with effort. To him, home is a place where dreams are nurtured. With inspiration from his sister and support from parents, he finally steps out to do what he desires – to paint. Now, his wife, along with a baby still pattering inside, becomes his greatest impetus. His iCushion collection is titled Dream; on one hand, it aims to encourage children to seek their dreams, and on the other, remind parents to let their children explore their dream land.  

Collaborative Designer Profile:

As an illustrator and graphic designer, Dreamergo has a pair of small but visionary eyes. 
Inspired by his elder sister, Dreamergo started drawing objects with a sense of 3-dimensionality in his early childhood. Praise and recognition from teachers and friends planted in his heart the desire to be a painter. He used to describe himself as a dreamer, who puts effort in pursuing his dreams every day. To him, dream is the milestone to a million possibilities.

Dreamergo loves music, and the sharing of music is one of the constant themes in his artworks. He also paints his in-search-of-dream journey, in the hope of inspiring the younger generation with positive values and virtues.