Craig Au Yeung

As the first cross-boundary collaboration between local sofa-tailor Giormani and local renowned gastronomist-cum-designer Craig Au Yeung, the Egg Waffle Sofa is inspired by one of the most popular traditional local street-food – gei dan jai (egg waffle). Au Yeung believes every local street-food has its own story and it tells the wisdom and livelihood of the people of different eras. The sofa looks exactly like egg waffle but in a larger scale fully illustrates how the dining culture is infused into furniture design and, a way of demonstrating the spirit of ‘Made in Hong Kong’.

Collaborative Designer Profile:

Craig Au Yeung loves life and pursuits of fashion quality of life. He is familiar with the Italian culture and customs. He has in-depth study in the food culture and lifestyle and often is always invited to have interviews with newspapers and magazines for the issues of traveling, lifestyles & cuisines and to share his insight and great experiences with readers. His publication ‘Zoom In Italy’ recorded his special & interesting experiences traveling in Italy. He injected the food culture into the decoration style of home as the theme of his participation in Giormani HomeGallery so as to carry out a distinctive taste journey.